While others are attracted to looks, intelligence or personality, some men prefer dating older women. They likely have their life together. Mature women have their own careers, set of friends, and things they are passionate about. We stopped trusting that men would show up and be the loving partners we wanted and needed. Mature women have a strong sense of self, which means they are self-assured. ... Read More
Advanced prostate cancer is a heterogenous disease with multiple treatment options. Patients with advanced disease are stratified based evidence of metastasis and sensitivity to hormone therapy. Men with hormone sensitive disease are treated with androgen deprivation therapy and possibly chemotherapy. The treatment options for men with castrate resistant disease are rapidly evolving with multiple recently approved treatment options. Determining the proper sequence and combination of these therapies remains a work in progress. ... Read More
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Stream fullscreen video and high quality audio directly to any Browser in your wifi network. All you need is a modern Browser and you're good to go. Just start the App and point the browser on your viewing device to the provided URL. You can even record video straight from the Browser. In theory, Microsoft's Edge Browser would work as well, but its default settings prevent it from connecting to local IP addresses — please just use another browser. ... Read More
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We then return to Halifax where the afternoon is free for you to explore. Here a stop will be made for light refreshments before we depart for Sydney. We leave Nova Scotia as we join the ferry service to Newfoundland and Labrador. On arrival we journey to Corner Brook and our hotel, situated at the mouth of the Humber River between the Long Range Mountains and the open sea. Within the park is Tablelands, a barren ledge of rock over 80km in length that has been pushed up from deep beneath the ocean floor. ... Read More
The Breastfeeding Manifesto includes seven specific points for Government action, which would improve the health of UK babies, reduce health inequalities and save the NHS millions of pounds a year. The launch took place during National Breastfeeding Awareness Week. Even a small increase in breast feeding rates would save our health service millions of pounds in the treatment of gastroenteritis, ear infections and asthma in young children. This is a vitally important health issue and we need commitment and resourcing from Government to ensure all hospital and community staff receive the right level of training. Jenny Willott MP. ... Read More